If you've been following our blog, you may know that at Pet Poufs, we're sharing a monthly feature "Adoptables of the Month," highlighting wonderful, beautiful, goofy, gorgeous, ridiculous, silly, amazing dogs looking for their forever homes. 

    This month we are partnering with the incredible non-profit rescue, Frosted Faces Foundation, who specifically saves senior animals "whose love and lives are in jeopardy." 

  • Adoptables of the Month - with A Purposeful Rescue

    We are excited to introduce you to Queen Esty and Ruby, two adult dogs available for adoption at A Purposeful Rescue.
  • This is Fostering: Life with Pinky

    "Pinky reminds me every day how much dogs can surprise us. We think we understand them and project our own histories and experiences onto them. Those assumptions often inform whether or not we take on a specific dog. Which is usually doing that dog an injustice."
  • Chilling Out the Puppy Fever Pitch


    Are you thinking about adopting a dog? We think it's worth mentioning that, in our collective opinion, adult dogs are matchless in their excellence! Here's why.
  • This is Fostering: One Shy of a Dozen

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    "Our family has been lucky enough to foster dozens of dogs of all ages and sizes in the five years we have been immersed in rescue.  There was Charlie who stayed months and learned how to use a dog door and how to be a wonderful family pet.  Gordon, who only spent a few nights and was the perfect senior gentleman, my husband’s favorite."
  • Shop Small Saturday

    It’s hard to believe it’s been an entire year since our very first pop-up shop in Sunset Park. 2020, you’ve gone by in a frenzied flash and also...