you love your pets. you really, really do. but you also have incredible taste and a killer decor and want Fido or Fifi's favorite bed to reflect, not wreck, that chic sense of style. being an animal lover of the highest order doesn't mean you need to sacrifice your awesome interior aesthetic. 

pet poufs are evocative of high-design, colorful, lush meditation cushions, meant to be beautiful even without your furry friend snoozing blissfully atop them. designed by Los Angeles interior designers (and obsessive dog mums) Lily Spindle, each pet pouf is reversible, with a solid and patterned fabric paired up for maximum gorgeousness, named in honor of an irreplaceable pet and market-tested by our own animals. 

undoubtedly not your average dog or cat bed, not quite a pillow, not quite a cushion . . . not easily defined but easily adored - pet poufs.