you love your pets. you really, really do. but you also have incredible taste and a killer decor and want Fido or Fifi's favorite bed to reflect, not wreck, that chic sense of style. being an animal lover of the highest order doesn't mean you need to sacrifice your awesome interior aesthetic. 

pet poufs are evocative of high-design, colorful, lush meditation cushions, meant to be beautiful even without your furry friend snoozing blissfully atop them. designed by Los Angeles interior designers (and obsessive dog mums) Lily Spindle, each pet pouf is reversible, with a solid and patterned fabric paired up for maximum gorgeousness, named in honor of an irreplaceable pet and market-tested by our own animals. 

undoubtedly not your average dog or cat bed, not quite a pillow, not quite a cushion . . . not easily defined but easily adored - pet poufs.

Orders placed today, for Petite and Regular pet poufs, currently have a 1-2 week lead-time. Our EXTRA pet poufs can be pre-ordered and will ship out within two weeks, barring any unforeseen hiccups. Please contact us directly if you need a pet pouf order rushed or expedited.

We're happy to accommodate your (and your pets') 
needs as best we can!

Please send requests and inquiries to and 
thanks so much! 

Pet poufs are designed and
made locally, here in Los Angeles.

The majority of our fabrics are chosen and procured from a local family-owned fabric store and our upholsterer is a family-owned business in Van Nuys, California. Our photographer, Marissa de la Torre, a fellow obsessive animal lover, works from her DTLA studio. 

We give a percentage of pet pouf sales to animal rescue and advocacy programs because animals are awesome and we believe in giving back to a supportive community.