The Clementine


A concentric circle persimmon pattern, paired with a deep, rich plum makes for an undeniably sophisticated pouf. Which is why it's so aptly named for Miss Clementine. Here's her story, as told by her Mum: 

Caught in a dire midnight standoff with a huge raccoon, Clementine, then a tiny gray kitten, was almost a goner.  While she hissed with the ferocity of a lion, her (soon-to-be) canine sister came to the rescue and, well, the rest is history. She's come a long way from feral to family cat who relishes the luxe life and sleeping on her Pet Pouf.  Ever feisty, Clementine is queen of our domain and holds her own with her three pitbull siblings and feline big bro. We adore our teeny lioness who reminds us with the occasional dead mouse offering that she's still wild at heart.

Also, fun fact, she's named for Clementine in one of my favorite films- "The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.".  Colorful character and colorful bed!

More about The Clementine:

  • made in Los Angeles
  • blind tufting allows for maximum "get cuddled in" comfort 
  • reversible 
  • rolled welt with a knife-edge
  • eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic stuffing mimics the plush density, loft, and fullness of real down
  • spot-clean (or professionally clean)
  • PETITE Clementine pet pouf is 17" x  23"
  • REGULAR Clementine pet pouf is 23" x  34" 
  • EXTRA Clementine pet pouf is 36" x 40" 
  • for our suggested pet-to-pouf sizing, please refer to our Sizes guide in the FAQs! 

we recommend regular vacuuming and occasionally shaking out your pet pouf to keep it especially fresh, lovely, and full. feel free to flip your pet pouf, since our intention with this design is to provide the dual usability of both sides and our fabric selections + pairings are very intentional, with this usability in mind.

*pro tip: feel free to stack your pet poufs when they're not in use by one of the pets. they're meant to feel and look more like meditation cushions than dog or cat beds, so stacking them is a natural (and aesthetically pleasant) endeavor we wholly support. just be warned fido or fifi will definitely jump atop that power stack if he or she is able to do so! 


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