The Bumper

From $128

What's more fun than chartreuse green and teal "pinballs" bouncing around a field of indigo, backed by a fiery amber, super soft fabric? How about naming this pouf design for a sweet 17-lb puplet named Bumper, whose inability to *see* has not once swayed his ability to live his life with joy + love.

From Bumper's Mum:

Bumper was surrendered to the Harbor Shelter in San Pedro, CA with advanced glaucoma and a mouthful of rotten teeth. He got scooped by Best Friends in Mission Hills, where we adopted him. He’s now the most loved little bug with about 4 teeth and 0 eyes. He doesn’t let blindness stop him from doing anything, from chasing around his doggie sister and cousins, to hiking, to learning how to swim in case he falls in the pool. He loves his favorite blue toy and is obsessed with oranges. He’s the funniest little dude, especially when he sleeps belly-up with his little tongue sticking out!

More about The Bumper:

  • made in Los Angeles
  • blind tufting allows for maximum "get cuddled in" comfort
  • reversible
  • rolled welt with a knife-edge
  • eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic stuffing mimics the plush density, loft, and fullness of real down
  • spot-clean (or professionally clean)
  • PETITE Bumper pet pouf is 17" x 23"
  • REGULAR Bumper pet pouf is 23" x 34"
  • EXTRA Bumper pet pouf is 36" x 40"
  • for our suggested pet-to-pouf sizing, please refer to our Sizes guide in the FAQs!