About Us

As interior designers and animal lovers, we wholly understand the struggle between maintaining seriously good style while loving the heck out of your pets and basically doing everything in your power to make their lives amazing. 

After years of searching for dog/cat beds that didn't feel like they screamed "I'M A DOG/CAT BED!!!", we created pet poufs, made and designed here in Los Angeles. They're a combination of modern and timeless fabrics, a bit of Knoll, a touch of tweed, a dash of tapestry, and each design is named for a dog or cat we've known, met, loved, or simply adored from afar. 

Ironically, the first pet pouf we created was "The Lucie," in honor of Rebecca's shepherd mix who passed away this spring, and Lucie was a hilariously and infamously inept user of dog beds. Often she was found with a foot or just her head atop a bed, the rest of her 60-lb body stretched across the hardwood floor. 

Still, we think she'd love the pet poufs. She always had a boatload of class, style, and grace and knew beauty when she saw it.